ACHIEVE: Y6 SATs Summative Assessment tool with child-centred personalised revision*. [Available 2019]

ACHIEVE uses past papers in Maths, Reading and SPaG to support your school's understanding of how your children are prepared for the end of Key Stage Two Statutory Assessment Tests (SATs). 

ACHIEVE is an on-line summative assessment tool that supports diagnostic analysis of your class / school's practise SATs assessments in Maths, Reading and SPaG. 

Not only do you benefit from the information included in your diagnostic school report, we also anonymously benchmark your school against all other schools taking part in an ACHIEVE session in each subject (benchmarking twice per year).

Upload the subject scores into ACHIEVE and discover your pupils' strengths and weaknesses, per question, per strand.

ACHIEVE reports enable you to not only see how your school is performing within but also how your school is performing against others, per subject, per strand (if you take part in the benchmarking session).  Use all of this information to feed back into your teaching and learning cycle.

Use this diagnostic information for individuals, groups and class-by-class view of progress. Adapt your teaching and learning to maximise your pupils' opportunity to ACHIEVE.

* Revision booklets available 2020