Welcome to AssessProgress 

We are a pragmatic, on-line tool created to support children and schools to develop a culture of appropriate assessment.

As a serving Head Teacher and Assistant Head Teacher, we feel best placed to set up and deliver assessment tools to schools that support you to deliver a high quality education.  We understand the pressures and the challenges of running schools on a daily basis, the push and pull of the system, how your context and circumstances can be a great positive or a huge challenge and the myriad of assessment options open to you. 

We’ve blogged about some of this to help you understand how we’ve made it work for our school as a start point.

We hope you found us because you're looking for something different to support your teachers and children to become the best that they can be. You may just be interested in understanding what assessment looks like when you take away the criteria and liberate the pupil?  If so, you may well have just stumbled on something useful.

Read on and get in touch, we'd love to hear from you.

Steve and Rachael