What does a session involve?

ACJ involves teachers and / or children comparing two pieces of work side-by-side to establish a Collaborative Professional Consensus (CPC scale) of writing. 

In practice, once a writing task has been completed, teachers or admin staff scan in student's work, upload their work to the CompareAssess web portal with an agreed file name, sign up to be a judge and then during a judging window, get judging. It's really that simple!

The criteria for judging the pieces of work may simply be “which writing is better?”  According to the competence being assessed, that work may be a poem, narrative, non–fiction writing or an animated film, work of art, a design portfolio or a speech or music file. The AssessProgress COMPARE online engine accepts all media.

In all benchmarked COMPARE sessions we set the genre, the prompts and the administration guidelines to ensure parity between schools, we send them all in advance of the task. 

We offer four judgement sessions for Year 6, and two for Years 1-5 over an academic year.  See our COMPARE calendar for more details.

During the judging session, we suggest atleast 5 teachers should judge from each school, the more the merrier. The judges all COMPARE those uploaded files in pairs. Each piece of work completed by a child is assessed approximately 20 times by assessors outside of your school (see FAQ).

See our showreel for an animated video of the ACJ judging process.