For the academic year 2018-2019 COMPARE ACJ session are available to all schools for just:

£500+VAT (you can join in at any time of the year)

For primary schools that includes:

  • 4 X ACJ sessions for Y6 across the year using 4 genres of text: 2 'scaffolded' and 2 'cold' writes.
  • 2 X ACJ sessions for Y1-Y5: one 'scaffolded' and one 'cold'
  • Complete anonymised ACJ reports that document the Collaborative Professional Consensus (CPC) order of writing in your school and anonymised benchmarking against all other other schools in the session.
  • Anonymised benchmarking subgroup (e.g. across a MAT) reporting for moderation. (if selected in advance of the session).
  • A set of anonymised examplar scripts: at 100% range (Best CPC), 60% and 30% range.

For secondary schools:

  • Unlimited use of COMPARE to use ACJ in your school where the school administrate the sessions.
  • Reports as above

Secondary schools interested in using the benchmarking facility across a group of schools can do so and AssessProgress will support you to ‘superadministrate’ the session - Great for research-focused MATs, lead schools, forward-thinking partnerships or  teaching school alliances.