In CONTINUUM levels have gone! Unlike other teacher assessment tools, CONTINUUM doesn't have age group standards or working towards, met standard or mastery standards although you can set these up for your school in the system if you wish. However, we do include Y2 and Y6 interim frameworks, you'll need them. So how does CONTINUUM work?

We believe that all children sit on a CONTINUUM of achievement and are better served when teaching begins from the child's start point alongside our curriculum and not an expected age group standard that 'misses' more than it 'meets'. 

It works by placing children on the CONTINUUM and showing the teacher what progression might look like from that point, updated in real time from our curriculum, no arduous and time-consuming data drops, no 'flight paths' and certainly no levels!

CONTINUUM supports curriculum planning, teaching and, of course, assessment. You can see all of your children in an easy to use on-line viewer, see all groups in your class or school and even set up your own for that guided or intervention group.  

CONTINUUM shows what the children can already do and allows teachers, subject leaders and SLT to see, at a glance, where the children are and their next learning challenges (there's a whole heap of curriculum to cover before then though!).

Want to use your own set of descriptors that matches your own curriculum? Replace ours with your own set for your very own bespoke CONTINUUM.

If you’re intrigued, we'll be producing some videos to help you understand how CONTINUUM works, what it can show you about teaching and learning and how to go about getting a demo from the AssessProgress team.  If you’re interested in our journey and how we ended up with the CONTINUUM assessment tool, read our blog.

You can organise your intervention data into the system so that you can show a child’s progress through their interventions, or for example reading age tests, next to their class work and teacher assessment making, reporting to parents a piece of staff room cake.