We currently have one live product COMPARE: Adaptive Comparative Judgement (ACJ) with national and regional benchmarking.

We are trialling CONTINUUM: Our Teacher Assessment (without levels) app and ACHIEVE: Y6 SATs benchmarking (available in 2019).

CONTINUUM:  What do you do and where do you go if you need teacher assessment to support the learners in your school and you want to go beyond levels?

 Where do you go if you think that Flight Paths or 'secure', 'working towards' and 'mastery' type progression modelling are all levels by another name? Maybe you think the descriptors are too abstract and large, when all you want to know is what your children know (assessment) and what comes next (curriculum first followed by further assessment).  

Where do you go if you only require class information based on good quality data from teachers' professional judgements, from clear objectives based on a small part of your curriculum?  You believe that your teachers need to know what assessment the children have completed, and then what needs to be taught in order to maximise the child's understanding. 

You'll like CONTINUUM if you firmly believe that your assessment and your curriculum are not one and the same and that nailing both is key to maximising achevement for all.

Oh, and before we forget, you definitely don't start teaching or assessing from a year group standard or age related expectation because all children sit on a CONTINUUM of achievement and you're going to start from where they're currently at.  

If any of that floats your boat we may just have the CONTINUUM assessment vehicle for you!

AssessProgress: CONTINUUM goes live in 2019.

COMPARE:  Adaptive Comparative Judgement (ACJ) sessions are delivered in conjunction with VTCT & Digital Assess; one of the world's largest providers of Adaptive Comparative Judgement (CJ) technology.  Digital Assess has been at the forefront of Comparative Judgement and Adaptive Judgement for a number of years and has been providing ACJ/CJ to educational institutions across the world including: Goldsmiths University, London; University of Limerick, Ireland; Portland State University, USA and Eton College, UK.  In addition, VTCT & Digital Assess provides the technology to several vocational assessment institutions across the world including City and Guilds and OCR.

Here at AssessProgress, we've been working with Digital Assess to support adapting and developing the reporting structures, the task administration and ability to group schools into benchmark sessions over the past year before trialling the product for use in primary and secondary schools.  

AssessProgress: COMPARE goes live in November 2018.

ACHIEVE: Online SATs assessment tool to make the most of your SATs Reading, Writing, Maths and SPaG practise papers.

You probably already complete SATs papers to support your Y6s through the SATs process each year.  You probably use it to recognise your school, class and child strengths and weaknesses and levels of achievement. You might not have the time to review this thoroughly enough to make a big impact on children's achievement.

We developed ACHIEVE to support SATs practise papers for schools, saving you bags of time and energy on data crunching.

Upload your school score sheets and let the computer algorithm sort the rest for a complete diagnostic overview of the important stuff and a report that enables you to have oversight of the strengths and also highlights some weaknesses.

If you use ACHIEVE in our twice yearly assessment window then you'll be able to anonymously benchmark against all other schools taking part during that time.  Alternatively, you can use ACHIEVE at anytime to produce reports for your school without the anonymous benchmarking facility.

ACHIEVE goes live in 2019