The AssessProgress Community

Professional collaboration


We're teachers, just like you, we're writing and planning tasks every day for children to engage with and show how competent they are.  AssessProgress design and test all of the writing  stimulus' that we use in our Moderating Primary Writing Sessions.  We know that you are doing very similar in your schools on a daily basis and therefore we set up the AssessProgress community to use your expertise in devising our sessions. 

How it works


Design an independent task and a stimulus for writing, make it authentic, realistic and inspiring, if we use it in a session, you'll get a name check on the instruction paper and a £20 Marks and Spencer voucher from us as a thanks.

We find the best stimuli are videos, pictures, letters from, etc.  We're looking for 'low threshold ....... high ceiling' stimulus for each session based on each of genres identified in the calendar.  Take a look at some of our examples for ideas 

What to do next


Put your idea in an email to us stating what the stimulus is (with links for a video if appropriate) and what is expected of each pupil, and what the question for the judges will be focused on.  Add your name and the year group you think the stimulus is best suited to.

If we get back to you then you've been accepted and get the voucher over to you - Simple.