Using Adaptive COMPARATIVE judgement in Key Stage 4/5

Mastering Metacognition


Would the class you teach improve the quality of their work if they were writing and then reviewing all of the responses to the question / stimulus in domain specific ACJ sessions?  

We think so. 

Set your students an essay task explicitly teach them through the planning phase, they write, upload the work and then the following week the students judge all of that work, seeing the best pieces and those that need improvement they make notes, recordings of passages / paragraphs / vocabulary that they prefer, this improves their cognition. By reading the best essays, and judging them, we know that your students will improve their own work, using more content specific vocabulary, improving sentence structure etc when they next write. When explicitly shown this, using the session exemplars, by the teacher as part of the analysis phase, students will improve metacognition further.  Students then complete 2 more essays, judge and make notes. Finally, test how far they've come by doing another ACJ session a few weeks later taking one of the essay titles again and putting in those original scripts as 'anchors', as they'll already have a defined rank.  The improvement is seen where the students work is then judged against the original rank the second time around when judging all of the new and old essays together - simple.

Improve Homework/Further learning


Set this as a homework over the course of a 6/7 week period in Geography, History, RE or Theology for instance following the pattern: write one week and then judge the next, follow this pattern three times and in the last week re-set one of the essay questions again only this time put all of the original essays (with ranks) into the last judging session.  Improvements for each student will be obvious and there for you to see. What you would hope for is that the original essays or judged as being weaker (less good) than those in the final week both for individuals and for the whole group.

Spend time in the lessons you teach going through the exemplars from the original session teaching students how to plan, and analyse through guided practice and you'll improve the metacognition further for all - some quality responsive teaching.

Running these homework sessions across a partnership is even more beneficial as your pupils and teachers will see work from outside their school too.

Improve dialogue between student and teacher


You can monitor how your students cope with the judging tasks with the 'infit' score, you'll also be able to see how long they take to judge each pair and whether they judge 'inline' with their peers.  The teacher gets all of this information. This can be used by teacher to support better peer assessment next time, and improve the dialogue between teachers and pupils about their own assessment, cognition and learning not withstanding what to look for in a good piece.


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