Our Writing Stimulus'

Writing for purpose

What we've realised over the past few years is that students perform differently, when compared to other children, in different writing genres. The Collaborative Professional Consensus (CPC) in a narrative doesn't mean that the child will score equally on a non fiction text and visa versa (particularly for children who sit in the 25-75% percentile). In order to get a balanced view of your students relative performance over the year we always have two stimuli in two different genres in each year group.  

One of those stimuli is always a narrative and the other could be a letter, poetry, report or instruction leaflet for instance.  This enables you to understand better the students, and schools, relative performance over two genres within that year group and is useful information for school to support planning the writing curriculum.  You can also compare the narrative the following year to see what improvements the school and the children have made relative to other children in the same year group.

We release the stimulus at the start of the writing week and expect that for the 'warm' writes it's likely that, although work is individual to the child, there has been an element of modelling and scaffolding within the specific genre in class.

Our Stimulus'