What can we do for you?


Primary School Offer

Sign up to RM Compare and then join the AssessProgress community and benchmark your children's work anonymously over the year using our calendar and session resources. 

Get hints and tips about how to use your own children's work in school and partnership moderation, KS1, KS2, Y6 Moderation, and how to use the work your children complete to formatively assesses and support your children's improvement.  


Secondary School Offer

Sign up to RM Compare and we can help you use your RM Compare subscription in order to maximise your outlay and support your teachers to support children's improvement in individual subjects / domains or support your teachers to use the power of Adaptive Comparative Judgement (ACJ) to assess one off pieces or summativley/formativley assess work in portfolios in Art, for example.

RM Compare is also able to upload video or MP3 for assessment and therefore is well suited to also assess Music / PE etc.


Mastering Metacognition for students in KS3/4 and Higher Ed.

RM Compare supports student metacognition in all domains when students become the judges of their own and the work of their peers. 

Students, through judging, have an overview of the quality and range of work produced by themselves and their peers while judging anonymously, moderating their own work as they judge and seeing best practice. 

This approach reduces teachers workload, and supports assessment of student knowledge outside of the classroom, leaving more time for teaching and learning. AssessProgress can show you how you can identify, show and prove progress over a six week period with just 1 additional hours worth of effort per week from pupils and zero teacher marking - we call it Mastering Metacognition.